Rainbow Pupcorn

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Introducing... Dog Popcorn!

Our light, airy popcorn is low in calories but high in delectable, natural flavour that your dog will love!

Because our popcorn is air-popped, there is no oil added during the popping process, making it a deliciously healthy treat or reward for your dog.

Complementary pet food for dogs.

Rainbow Pupcorn

100% corn kernel - Contains only natural colours. Yellow: glycerol (e422) curcuma extract. Green: humectant: (glycerine e422), colour: (sodium copper-e141,riboflavin-e101). Red: humectant: (glycerine e422), emulisifier: (polysorbate e433), (maltodextrin), colour:(turmeric extract), antioxidant: (alphatocopherol e307), acidity regulator: (citric acid E330).
Analytical constituents:
Crude oils & fats 18.5%, Crude protein 15.5%, Crude ash 1.5%, Crude fibres 3%

Feeding guide:
Always ensure there is a bowl of clean fresh water available when feeding. Supervision of your pet is recommended preferably in a stain-resistant area.

Not suitable for human consumption.