Personalised Mug

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Have your pet digitally illustrated on our Pawesome mugs!

This lovely white 11-ounce personalised mug will be printed on both sides with a custom illustration of your pet. If you are choosing to have 2 pets then there will be one pet per side of the mug.

I am happy to illustrate just about any animal (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, etc).

the best part is you will receive a FREE copy of your pet illustration as a keepsake this will be a high-resolution image with the perfect resolution and quality to be printed on basically anything. You can get your pet portrait printed on anything you can think of at a local print shop!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom pet illustration printed onto a mug therefore I can not process your order without you sending your pet’s photo(s). I will ALWAYS ensure that I have your photo for custom orders before proceeding forward. If I do not receive your photo I will contact you within 48 hours.

How to order:

  1. Please ensure your pet is facing the camera and that is a good quality image. Please do not send out of focus images. I cannot change the perspective of your animal's face, so if you want a head-on piece of art, please send a photo of the animal head-on. Mobile phone photos work just fine if they are in focus and not blurry.
  2. Upload your photo using the upload button on this page.
  3. I will send you an image of your pet portrait for approval. Please make sure you respond as soon as possible. In case of delayed answers, I can not guarantee the processing time given in T&C.
  4. Once you confirm and approve that you are happy with your portrait, I'll send your final to your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom portrait, therefore, we can not process your order without you sending your pet/s photo.