Personalised Biodegradable Phone Case

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Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Phone Case — available for selected iPhone & Samsung Galaxy devices.

Have your dog illustrated on this beautiful Eco phone case, please ensure to send a photo through of your pet once you have completed checkout.

Key Features:

• No plastic- a truly compostable case
• Made from PLA, PBAT & a Bamboo fibre plant-based polymer
• A smooth case with access to ports
• Impact absorbing & a slight lip around the front of the case
• The design itself is UV-printed with a matte finish.
• Compatible with Wireless Charging

Our Bio case designs are UV printed onto the back of the case with industry-leading printers and ink technology. The design is not a sticker. Please note the design is on the back of the case, it does not go round the sides of the case.

Please note that some designs may look different and have parts missing depending on the model of the phone case.
An example of what may cause this is the different shapes of camera holes in the Samsung models

As our cases are protective and they offer a small lip around the front of the phone which prevents the screen from touching the surface when laid flat.

How to order:

  1. Please ensure your pet is facing the camera and that is a good quality image. Please do not send out of focus images. I cannot change the perspective of your animal's face, so if you want a head-on piece of art, please send a photo of the animal head-on. Mobile phone photos work just fine if they are in focus and not blurry.
  2. Upload your photo using the upload button on this page.
  3. I will send you an image of your pet portrait for approval. Please make sure you respond as soon as possible. In case of delayed answers, I can not guarantee the processing time given in T&C.
  4. Once you confirm and approve that you are happy with your portrait, I'll send your final to your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom portrait, therefore, we can not process your order without you sending your pet/s photo.