About Us

How it all started

This journey all began because of our little boy Roscoe. When Roscoe was a puppy we brought treats from the store just like most people as we were under the impression it was healthy and beneficial, This was soon stopped after numerous trips to the vets and realising it was a grain allergy and many other food intolerances. Since the ordeal with Roscoe, we immediately changed his diet and he was given simple, natural no-nonsense treats. From this, we could monitor exactly what was going into his food and ensuring he was receiving only the best.

We have a range of treats that are ever-changing, ensuring there is a vast range of healthy gourmet, grain-free pet treats for our little ones.

We ensure your dogs are getting quality treats, which are natural and nutritious with no nasty surprises.

As Roscoe has extreme food allergies this range has been developed to accommodate for all allergies and dietary requirements as we believe every dog should have a healthy and nutritious treat that tastes Pawesome!

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