About Us

Pawesome Treat is delighted to welcome you.

Our tale began in 2019 with a husband and wife team who wanted to do something unique to honour our love for our four-legged pet.

We adore house decor as well as healthy dog treats, and we obsess over the smallest details.

We started out as a dog treat company, but we gradually shifted our focus back to what we do best: GREAT ART!

When we couldn't locate the exact style we wanted, so we decided to create our own.

We have a French Bulldog named Roscoe who is over 5 years old and spends the majority of his time snoring and farting. He's quite attractive (or are we just prejudiced), and we wanted to capture his adorable face in artwork that we'd be happy to display in our homes and that complemented the rest of our decor.

We hope you enjoy our artwork, and we're always open to recommendations, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would want to suggest anything new.

Our printed photographs are distributed to consumers all over the world. We are a home-based business in the Midlands. We achieve this by partnering with printing companies in your own country, ensuring quick shipping and no taxes or tariffs! As a result, we are able to share the joy of pet illustration with customers from all around the world.